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    Top 3 Under Utilized Unilateral Exercises for a Stronger Squat

    Cossack Squats Cossack Squats are, how I like to describe them, an ATG lateral lunge. When performed correctly this exercise can help build the muscles that when weak or untrained can cause knee valgus, increase dorsiflexion and ankle mobilization, build glute strength, and develop postural stabilization of the trunk (which assists in preventing excessive forward […]


    Plyo’s for Powerlifting

    If the goal of the athlete is to improve maximal strength, can speed and explosive strength from plyometric/jump training transfer into supporting that main goal? This is the question. The intention of plyometric training is to generate force at a greater rate. Therefore, the idea here is that this adapted power can increase strength and […]


    Arching in the Bench Press for Beginners

    So, you’ve never tried to arch while you bench but you kind of want to see what its all about. But you have some reservations. How do you do it? Why would you? Wouldn’t it hurt your shoulders and/or back? Isn’t it kind of like… cheating?These are all common questions and concerns I hear from […]


    Could water and sleep be why you have plateaued?

    How is your water intake and sleep effecting your weight? If you’re consistently slacking in either of these departments it is without question playing a role in the number you see on the scale, and here is why…. WATER💧💧💧 One of the main culprits for bloating and water retention (which will increase the number on […]


    Word vomit: Life update –> Living and learning through life’s struggles

    It has been a hot minute since I have written a blog post so I thought I would just more so write a life update. Maybe it’ll be something to take me back to these days later down the road. My life has changed so much in just a years time.I relocated gyms/jobs. I got […]


    My Go-To To-Go Meals

    A hard concept for newbies to tracking macros to grasp is that eating out or on the go is completely and totally okay, doable, sometimes necessary, and sometimes best option. This post is quick and to the point – I want to simply share with you my favorite go-to places and food choices when I […]


    Tips That Changed My Life Part 3: Deadlifts

    ​Deadlifts have always been my favorite out of the powerlifts. There is something exhilarating about lifting a crap ton of weight off the floor, whether doing it yourself or watching another. The hype, the determination, the raw strength… it is all so impressive and exciting. It also takes a lot of focus, practice, and technique […]


    10 Lessons I’ve Learned

    Over the last several years since I started focusing on my health by being more dedicated to what I put in my body and my workout routine, there have been so many different things I have learned in both areas. Here are 10 of the probably hundreds of things that have stuck out to me. […]


    Tips That Changed My Life Part 2: Bench Press

    I am constantly learning and making adjustments to my form and programming to not only build strength but to find what works best for me and maximize the advantages I personally have. Last week I posted the best tips and cues I’ve learned thus far in my lifting career for squats and today I want […]


    Make the most out of your training!

    How does ‘adaptation’ work? ​I’m going to start by giving you an example. Take a marathon runner, for instance. When a runner first begins the mission to compete in a half or full marathon you observe them drop weight pretty quickly or lean out (seeing their muscle definition) in their process of increasing their ability […]

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