A hard concept for newbies to tracking macros to grasp is that eating out or on the go is completely and totally okay, doable, sometimes necessary, and sometimes best option.
This post is quick and to the point – I want to simply share with you my favorite go-to places and food choices when I a) don’t have time aka don’t feel like prepping a meal to take with me b) want to treat myself or get something with a friend or c) am out of town.


This is easily my most frequent go-to on the go meal. The ‘Double Chicken Chopped Salad.’ I have them load it up with every veggie minus onions and olives, 2 of their chicken breasts (or 2 box things of the roasted chicken if they offer it haha), red wine vinegar, and salt and pepper. Oh! And 2 baggies of apples on the side. Nom.

​Note: Have to tell them no oil REALLY fast before they grab it thinking you meant oil & vinegar haha
​The number of times they’ve had to dump it because I’m too extra and not about to try and track a bajillion grams of oil on my salad…. Nah.

​Macros (for salad): 15C/5F/30P


I’m pretty simple when it comes to my go-to choice at the chick. Its incredibly easy to track several items off their menu but I’m weird and like the 12 piece grilled nuggets with a large fruit cup and large diet lemonade.

Macros: 36C/5F/39P

Panera Bread

Ya’ll. I seriously love Panera Bread. And their chicken noodle soup is just… ah.. heaven. If I don’t get just a big bowl of the soup I get the you pick 2 with the Roasted Turkey & Caramelized Kale Panini and Low-Fat Chicken Noodle Soup.

​Macros (for You Pick 2): 41C/14F/22P

Trader Joes

This one is more new for me but its such a hit! The Trader Joes brown rice sushi is to. die. for! I love sushi but I only eat ones that don’t contain anything raw. Raw foods really freak me out. Bleh. I tend to look for the smoked salmon options. Delicious. They totally don’t carry chopsticks to go with it though which is such a bummer. It’s ok though because that sparked my idea in ordering a reusable set of Amazon. Yas.

​Macros: 60C/10F/10P


The Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon, Egg White Sandwich (No Cheese). This is just a good little snack I like to grab in the morning if I’m too hungry wait till lunch.

​Macros: 28C/4F/13P

Share with me your favorite go to place and meal!


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