This year has been such a whirlwind of adulting, growing, and humongous blessing all wrapped up into one hella pretty box.

My year started off with me being simply put, down in the dumps. My career was going no where and that was devastating for me. My passion and desire to build my own brand was having to be kept a total secret, which, that alone meant it really couldn’t grow and I was unable to make it a priority or even my ‘side hustle’. And worst of all, I didn’t love what I used to think was my passion and purpose anymore and was to the point where I thought I made a huge mistake in the area I studied in school and considering other options. My career, if you could call it that, was officially a chore.

You know the story in the Bible about the lady who needed to pay her husbands debt after he passed but all she had was a tiny bit of oil? Yet she had faith and poured what she had into a larger flask, and more oil just kept appearing till she was able to fill as many flasks that she needed to sell and pay off the debt. Her needs were met after she put her worry aside and gave though she had absolutely no way of knowing she would make it out perfectly ok. She had faith in her Savior, and knew in her heart He would provide for her. (2 Kings 4:1-7)

Earlier this year I started making it a point to give more. Tithing, big tips so those serving me knew I appreciated them, paying for the person behind me at the Starbucks drive through, small things to some but a chunk for this girl living pay check to pay check.

Then one day in January, just for grins and giggles, I started checking out other job opportunities. I remembered my friend started working for a country club and then it hit me that a very dear client of mine had once been a member to one in my city.

On a whim I sent over my resume.

Long story short, it was love at first sight. I loved the atmosphere, the fitness center, and most importantly the people. And thankfully the feeling was mutual (or at least I like to think so).

My rabbit chase about the lady with the oil is a reflection on how I felt landing this new job. When I stopped worrying so much about how I could barely get by and put my faith in the One who supplies me with all my needs, He came through. Big time.

So here I am at my shared desk at my amazing job, absolutely loving training people again, having the freedom to train my beloved clients that I had had for years both here and the other amazingly awesome gym I get to work for, and focus on my online training clients and blog all at the same time and all out in the open.

The moral of this story is if you struggle with worry and fear that you won’t make it to the next paycheck, let me tell you now you are not in control. And you shouldn’t want to be. You have the big man upstairs who cares so much about you and all He needs from you is to trust Him and to lay it all down for Him. Do that and He will show you just how great He is.

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