Have you ever heard of or seen someone out at a restaurant or the movies by themselves and thought “that’s kinda strange” or “how lonely!”? Why? Maybe they needed some quality time with themselves and are smart enough and confident enough to not be ashamed in taking the opportunity to do so. And maybe you need that too. In fact, I am pretty certain you do. Everyone does.

Have you ever thought to take yourself out on a date?

As a personal trainer, I am around others and talking to people almost all day, all the time. I’m sure you yourself feel like you need more alone time whether that be from your kids, family, duties, job, etc. So why not take yourself out? You and only you. Maybe a book too.

Last week I decided me and my current read needed to grab lunch at a cute restaurant and just chill for a while. It was wonderful, much needed, and put me in a heck of a better mood than I had been that morning while dealing with something that had been stressing me out. I needed to revamp, clear my mind, and get away from anything that provoked me to repeatedly freak out about what had been driving me mad.

I don’t suggest waiting till you’re at your wits end to take yourself out though! You are a hardworking, faith filled, family/career/education focused individual and you deserve to be taken out on a date and treated to something nice. But do it alone! Have that alone time but outside your usual 15 minutes at home before others are awake or you need to start preparing dinner.

I personally had an awakening that day that I needed to be kind to myself more by treating myself to some self-love out somewhere fresh and new. This week thinking a new set of claws and a glass of wine with another book I just purchased are in the works. Where will you be taking you?


Urban Cookhouse @ The Summit in Birmingham, Alabama


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