How is your water intake and sleep effecting your weight? If you’re consistently slacking in either of these departments it is without question playing a role in the number you see on the scale, and here is why….


One of the main culprits for bloating and water retention (which will increase the number on the scale) is not drinking enough water.

When you neglect your body of the fluids it needs to stay hydrated, it will react by holding on to whatever it does have, which causes the dreaded bloating and ‘fluffy’ feeling. 

However, give your body plenty of water and it will use what it needs and flush out the rest! 

So track your water intake and if you’re feeling bloated increase it, maybe even double it if you know you’re really bad at drinking enough. If you’re used to 2 liters a day try aiming for 3-4. If you’re used to 4 trying increasing to 5-6. Test out certain amounts and find the amount that your body works best with. 

I for example feel my best taking in 10 liters a day. I know that sounds insane, but this is easy for me as I get up early every morning for work and talk all day with clients so I’m constantly needing water to stay hydrated and keep my voice from giving out and mouth drying out. I’m also a fish. 🐠🐟


Sleep recovers your mind and body. If you don’t understand how important this is let me walk you through what happens when you are chronically lacking in the sleep your entire physical and mental being desperately needs:

When you don’t get enough sleep, your cortisol levels rise. Why is this no bueno? What is a common trigger from stress? Over eating. 

But, not only does chronic lack of sleep increase cortisol, it also increases another hormone, ghrelin. Ghrelin role in your body is to trigger alerts to your brain to communicate that your body is in need of energy/calories. This hormone is 100% needed! But, where this goes wrong when you lack long enough and good sleep is because the body basically shuts this off during sleep when you aren’t using any energy and aren’t in need of feeling hunger…. But, if you’re lacking sleep this hormone does not shut off like it should and therefore causes your body to have hunger cues when it should not. 

Another important hormone affected by sleep patterns is leptin (your bodies natural appetite suppressant) which is responsible for regulating your appetite and triggers signals to your brain that your body is content and no longer needing more energy/calories consumed. This hormone increases during sleep to make sure your body is aware it doesn’t need any energy/calories during that time. 

Where lack of sleep disrupts this hormone is when you don’t get the sleep and rest your body needs, it can’t rack up in the hormone leptin, causing your body to assume it needs energy, even when it doesn’t anymore. Cue ghrelin. 

There is even more factors that go into this subject such as the growth hormone but I think that’s enough for now and i can go over that guy in a later discussion. 


In conclusion, if you are slacking in either of these highly important areas (hydration and optimal sleep) think about this: instead of drastically cutting your food intake, what if you kept your macros/calories where they are and just tried something as simple as drinking more water and getting adequate sleep first? What might you be able to achieve in your goals with these adjustments to your life? #foodforthough

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