Hey diligent friends! I know we all wish working out & eating to our macros or right most of the time was the gateway to a straight shot to seeing our appearance the way we want it or reaching the athletic goals we aim for, so I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we all know that is not the case or else we’d all be exactly where we wanted right now.

There are 5 things I want you to always be aware of happening on your journey. Not to get you down! But so you know that it is normal, to be expected, and every single one of us deals with them! What I want you to learn is living healthy and reaching for fitness goals is supposed to be a challenge. It’s what you fall in love with! The desire to push yourself further, to aim higher, and to turn your weaknesses into strengths. But how will it be considered a challenge if there isn’t a struggle to overcome? Here are the 5 things for you to expect to happen along your journey, not once, but time and time again, because you never stop setting goals to achieve in this lifestyle. Embrace them, forgive yourself when you have a human moment, and keep striving to conquer your weaknesses and improve your strengths!
1.       You will get discouraged

Everyone starts off super pumped to get going and create an amazing story but we all can expect to hit a bump in the road that’ll leave us discouraged in either how far we think we have to go or in the fact we didn’t make as much progress as we wanted. Here’s your reminder that the journey never ends and bumps in the road are there to prove to you that it’s not supposed to be easy and that you are strong enough to overcome them. We all get discouraged, we all have a bad lift/run/workout/etc, we all don’t feel like eating what we are needing to everyday, we all struggle. End of story. So expect it, acknowledge it when it happens as a fact of life instead of letting it consume you, and ultimately don’t dwell on it and move on.

2.       You will fall off the wagon

We are not perfect. We all have cravings and sometimes we write them off and sometimes we say YOLO and eat the d**n cookie dough that does not fit our macros. Like I said before, don’t dwell on in. It happened, get back on the wagon and ride on.

3.       You will get back up again

One or two days of eating like shit or not working out won’t kill you. Sure, it won’t help you either which is why you don’t want to make a habit of it, but don’t hate yourself for being human. Get your shit together, get in control, and pick yourself up and get back at it. Everyone’s story has bumps and bruises, but they heal and so do you… and you get less clumsy as you go on 🙂

4.       You will make progress

No one can tell you a specific time, though some people like to claim they can, but you will see progress. Mentally and physically. But my darling it takes time, trial & error, practice, consistency, trusting the process, trusting your coach/personal trainer/dietician/etc. Just gotta have faith, commitment, and loyalty to the journey you’re on. Don’t quit on it.

5.       You won’t make it as fast as you want to

Especially in the beginning, it is all too common to expect immediate results. Guess what. That’s absolute bs. Quit giving up before the true progress starts taking effect. It doesn’t take weeks. It takes months to years to seeing the major changes you want. But guess what! If you don’t start now, you’re only putting it off even longer. And I don’t mean just physical progress, I mean EVERYTHING. From mental, to strength, to physical, to all the little bitty things you don’t know you want now but will at some point in your journey because there is always room for improvement and you will always want something you don’t have. Get used to it. It’s just a part of this lifestyle. It’s also a great part of it because you always will have something to reach for and a goal to crush!
Until next time. XOXO, LB​

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