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  • I Took Myself Out On A Date

    Have you ever heard of or seen someone out at a restaurant or the movies by themselves and thought “that’s kinda strange” or “how lonely!”? Why? Maybe they needed some quality time with themselves and are smart enough and confident enough to not be ashamed in taking the opportunity to do so. And maybe you […]


    What are ‘macros’, and why are they so much better than counting calories…

    ​What are macronutrients?Macronutrients are the components to one’s diet that yields energy, or in a more common term, calories. What forms do macronutrients come in?-Carbs, 4 calories per gram-Fat, 9 calories per gram-Protein, 4 calories per gram What do each do for the body? How does the body utilize them?In less science-y terms:              Carbs are […]


    5 Things You Can & Should Expect

    Hey diligent friends! I know we all wish working out & eating to our macros or right most of the time was the gateway to a straight shot to seeing our appearance the way we want it or reaching the athletic goals we aim for, so I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but […]


    6 Facts About Consistency

    1)      Consistency makes sensea.       It makes sense because when you want to develop new habits or progress at literally anything, how will you know if it works or not if you aren’t consistent. In terms of dieting, whether to lose, gain, or maintain weight, it is half science, half trial and error. But you […]


    Intermittent Fasting Breakdown + FDOE IF Edition

    Intermittent Fasting is a dieting tool.Don’t get confused with thinking of it as a form of diet, but rather, understand it as a strategy in your diet or lifestyle. ​​Personal Experience: I began implementing IF back when I was prepping for my last figure show in 2015. I did this because as my calories decreased, it […]


    Assessing and Correcting Valgus of the Knees & Ankles

    ​When it comes to lifting, sports, and physical activities in general, even something as simple and natural as gait (walking) you have got to pay attention to the details in which your body moves. Lack of body awareness can lead to a lack of realization you have a movement pattern dysfunction. Lack of realization becomes […]


    “Good Posture”?

    ​Postural Alignment  There is not a one size fits all ‘good posture.’ In fact, I have seen more instances of people who have basically over corrected their posture for so long they’ve fundamentally made it worse than it might have been to begin with. In my opinion and many others in different biomechanics and kinesiology […]


    Interview with Coach Brian Scott

    ​Hey everyone! Todays post is something slightly different than I have yet to do on my blog but something I have wanted to do for a while now. I believe the best way to learn and grow for yourself and your clients if you are a coach is to learn from other coaches. Learn who […]



    ​Accommodating resistance, in short, is the use of bands or chains to elicit a stimulus in which all muscles involved have to do progressively more work throughout the full ROM of a movement. This training technique excites everything from primary, ancillary, and stabilizing muscles as well as the central nervous system (CNS) at a level […]


    Tips that Changed My Life Part 1: Squats

    ​When you first get into powerlifting you might notice there are tons of details that are important in having a good lift. It isn’t just holding a bar on your back, dropping it like its hot, and bouncing back to the top. It isn’t holding a bar over your chest and bringing it down at […]

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